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Moto Guzzi Aluminium Panniers Kit Evo

panniers kit MOTO GUZZI ENDURO, made of evo aluminium. The kit of aluminium pannier bags dedicated to Stelvio is composed of the pair of pannier bags with 37 litres capacity.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Battery Charge Maintenance Kit

MOTO GUZZI battery charge maintainer kit, used to recharge the battery of the motorcycle in a practical and safe way.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Bike Cover

Stelvio vehicle cover in woven black antiscratch material with "Stelvio" logo on both sides.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Bump Guard Assy

MOTO GUZZI ENDURO aluminium oil sump kit, made using a high resistance alloy of 3 mm thickness.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Deflectors Kit - Stelvio 8V

MOTO GUZZI ENDURO baffle kit, accessory to increase the rider protection in all riding situations.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Electronic Alarm Kit

State of the art self-powered remote control compact alarm system.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Electronic Alarm Kit

An electronic anti-theft that can be easily installed on the vehicle thanks to provision on his main wire harness.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Engine Guard Kit

MOTO GUZZI ENDURO dedicated engine cover is made in treated and painted steel and guarantees efficient protection of the engine in case of tipping over at low speed.

Moto Guzzi Final Drive Guard

Rear drive guard is made from steel for additional strength and powdercoated for durability.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Fog Lights Kit - Stelvio 1200 8V

MOTO GUZZI ENDURO supplementary lights kit, fog lamps approved for use on the road.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Fog Lights Support Kit

MOTO GUZZI ENDURO dedicated supplementary headlamps support kit, for the mounting of the fog lights made of treated and painted steel.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Hand Guards Assy

These hanguards, made out of a tough resiliant plastic material.
Special Order