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Moto Guzzi Homologated Mufflers Set

To hear the roar of a true custom motorcycle.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Injection Covers Kit

The injection covers are made ​​of aluminum with a brushed finish and they replace the standard ones.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Internal Bags For Side Cases

Bags shaped as the side cases where they can be stored, they can be easily removed and carried out.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Lamp Kit California Aquila Nera

Moto Guzzi Custom Supplementary Lights Kit, Complete With Support.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Leather Side Cases Kit

The inner bags have been designed to have the same shape of the bags and the top box containing them.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Left Side Case - Mat Graphite Black

Left pannier MOTO GUZZI CUSTOM, spare part for accessories.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Mgmp Installation Kit

MGMP ECU installation kit. MGMP to be purchased separately.

Moto Guzzi Moto Guzzi Top Case In Fiberglass - 65 Lts

In vehicle matching colour, approved transport weight 8 kg. 2 additional locks for side panniers, use of only one key for the entire load kit.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Multimedia Platform

GMP is the new device for connecting your own smartphone to the vehicle by turning this last one in an interactive multimedia platform.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Painted Cylinder Head Covers - Grey

Elegant painted cylinder head covers, with special processes performed in milling.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Panniers

Rigid panniers set in colour matching vehicle.
Special Order

Moto Guzzi Panniers Kit California Aquila Nera

Moto Guzzi Custom Luggage Carrier Kit Made Of Chromed Steel.
Special Order