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Kriega 3L Reservoir + Tube

Kriega 3L Hydrapak + tube. Hydration reservoir option for R15, R20 and R25 backpacks.

Kriega Adaptor US Tank

Universal fit enables Kriega Adaptor US Tank. US-5/10/20 to be used as a tank bag.

Kriega Bite Valve (Spare)

Kriega Bite Valve (Spare). Kriega acc. Hydra Bite Valve.

Kriega Hydro Tube-Locator v1

Kriega Hydro Tube-Locator v1. Velcro, Hydro TL10 - Hy3-R15-R20

Kriega Hydro Tube-Locator v2

Kriega Hydro Tube-Locator v2. Velcro, Hydro TL38 - R25

Kriega Hydro-3 Enduro Backpack

Kriega Rucksack Hydro3. Race-spec. 3-litre hydration pack with an unequalled level of fit and comfort.

Kriega KS-40 Pannier Bag

Kriega Travel Bag KS40. ALLOY PANNIER LINER-BAG: fits any capacity Touratech-ZEGA, BMW or Metal Mule alloy panniers.

Kriega Kube 1

Kriega Kube 1. 1-litre capacity padded organiser pack.

Kriega Kube Pocket

Kriega Kube Pocket. Rucksack harness pocket, also fits waistpack belts.

Kriega R15 Motorcycle Backpack

Kriega Rucksack R15. Hydration compatible rucksack for road and offroad riders. With ultra-short back length to wear above waistpacks.

Kriega R20 Motorcycle Backpack

Kriega Rucksack R20. Hydration compatible backpack for road and off-road riders.

Kriega R25 Motorcycle Backpack

Kriega Rucksack R25. Our best-selling, award winning motorcycle backpack.