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Dainese After Kid T-Shirt

Start them young. Don't waste anytime getting your little one into the Dainese 2016 collection with the After Kid T-Shirt in Kelly Green with the logo depicted on the front. 100% cotton!

Dainese Air Flux D1 Tex Jacket

Dainese AIR-FLUX D1 fabric motorcycle jacket. A very light weight summer jacket made from perforated mesh fabric that permits a stream of air directly to the body.

Dainese Air Flux D1 Tex Lady Jacket

A very light weight summer jacket made from perforated mesh fabric that permits a stream of air directly to the body.

Dainese Air Frazer Tex-Pelle Jacket

Dainese Air Frazer Tex-Pelle fabric motorcycle jacket. Innovative washable, light, summer jacket in fabric and cowhide for that fresh feel.

Dainese Air-Frame Tex Jacket

Continued comfort under changing weather conditions with excellent ventilation is hard to achieve in a ventilated jacket because whenever the temperature drops, the wearer immediately feels cold. In this case, the Dainese Air Frame offers the best solution by combining the ventilation achieved by ample inserts in mesh with protection against cold air offered by a remarkably lightweight windcheating insert. Provided with ample adjustment possibilities, jacket-pants fastening zipper, homologated protectors and a pocket for a G-type back protector, this versatile jacket also comes in a ladies’ version.

Dainese Anemos Windstopper Gloves

The Dainese Anemos Windstopper Gloves are perfect for brisk days around town, with just enough weather and impact protection to get you through congested city streets and light enough to stuff in your pocket.

Dainese Archivio Perferated Leather Jacket

The charm of the ‘60s and ‘70s are celebrated in the Dainese Archivio jacket with a great personality and loving details.

Dainese Assen Perforated Race Suit

Achieving the perfect balance of modern design and go-fast glamor, the Dainese Assen Perforated Race Suit owes its distinct presence on the track to clean, minimalist styling, bold accent stripes and classic logos

Dainese Axial Pro In Boot

Dainese AXIAL PRO IN motorcycle boots. Top of the range racing boots. Stainless steel sliders, nylon tips and insoles for maximum safety.

Dainese BlackJack Gloves

Elegant and classic looks with a retro, cool and trendy twist. The Blackjack is particularly suitable for hot and sunny days in motion in the Spring and Summer months.

Dainese Body Guard Vest

There is never enough protection. The Dainese Body Guard Vest is an extension of your own skin. Very comfortable and offers front and back Dainese protection. Available in all black

Dainese D-Core Balaclava

Designed to keep you cool and provide a barrier between you and your helmet, the Dainese D-Core Balaclava is made with no seams and sweat wicking eco-friendly materials for maximum comfort.